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Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to take a peek at my blog. I’ve been so passionate about beauty, skincare, and overall self-love since I was a teenager. I not only suffered from atopic dermatitis since birth, but perioral dermatitis as well that hit me hard in my early teenage years. I began to obsess over skincare and finding the routine that would solve all of my issues. I began wearing makeup in an effort to hide the issue in the meantime. Of course, since then I’ve learned that solving skincare issues means taking a whole body approach, and that quality skincare is number one. I’ve spent years of my life reading research pertaining to skin, attempting to understand as much about cosmetic chemistry as I can (being a Communications graduate anyway)! I’ve also worked in the industry for several years, and for several brands.

The goal of this blog is not only to inspire, but to educate. I truly want to earn your trust and help you find a solution to your beauty, skin and health concerns, to the best I can. I understand that not everyone has the time to spend hours reading and interpreting research, trying a multitude of brands and products, and reading countless reviews. I’m here to do that for you. I’m here to find the diamond in the rough.

Warmly, sincerely, and with love,

Holly Daniels


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